Process - here's how to implement PlusParts in your country
We have developed a standardised process to help implement PlusParts as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible in your company. We can also fully implement the application for you if you want. However, it is also possible for you to carry out individual steps yourself or have another company do it for you.
Create concept
It is our aim that PlusParts provides you with a tool that will fully meet the requirements of your company and your customers. This is why a detailed concept is developed at the start of every PlusParts project. There will be two half-day workshops with representatives of your company during which time we will work together to determine your exact requirements for an online spare parts application. It would be useful to also invite any service agents to these meetings, who will later actually be using the application.
Customise templates
PlusParts can be designed according to your individual tastes and requirements. After we have determined the actual navigational structure and the elements to be integrated into your online spare parts application, the templates (sample pages) will have to be adapted to the design samples (CD). If you have no specific design requirements, you can choose from one of our sample templates and customise these by adding your company logo.
Adapt back office
Whilst we are developing the look and feel of your spare parts application, we will at the same time, adapt the application back office to your special needs and requirments. You can use the PlusParts back office to maintain and update all data yourself. Data in and output is carried out via web pages. In order to make your work with the back office easier, the application structure will have to be designed at this point in the proceedings.
Data transfer
Spare parts data, such as prices, part designations and article numbers will be copied from the ERP system. Thanks to PlusParts' open database structure, it is irrelevant which system is used, since you can easily import any data with it. Should you require a live link to the ERP system with data update, then an appropriate interface will have to be developed. The same is true for customer data.
Classify/prepare diagramms
Depending on the form of your exploded-view diagrams, they will have to be prepared in such a way that the application can display them. Exploded-view diagrams which already exist in digital form, will have to be cleansed (remove logos and any unneeded graphics). Any diagrams that are not yet in digital form will first have to be scanned in. The data size of the drawing will then have to be optimised so that it appears on the user's PC without delay.
Create maps
A special OCR software or SVG parsing module then imports the optimised drawings and extracts all spare part information. The software does most of all of this automatically. However, it is usually necessary to make careful manual corrections afterwards.The SVG parsing module can be used for the vector-based drawings, which will greatly reduce the amount of time needed for adjustments afterwards.
Adjust functionality
Finally, any functions that are additional to the PlusParts standard package and which are included in the overall concept have to be programmed in.
If you want to use PlusParts on a worldwide scale, all system texts will have to be translated into the appropriate languages. We can provide you with sample translations in German, English, French, Italian and Spanish for the most important functions. However, these will always have to be individually adapted and edited for each project. The PlusParts back office allows translators to use any web browser to translate, change or create texts in other languages.
Create CD-ROMs
If you want to distribute PlusParts on CD Rom in addition to having it online, you will need to create a glass master to make the CD and to print templates for the accompanying booklet. We can, of course, take care of the entire CD production for you. The same is true for printed catalogues and microfiche. In order to do this, the films for the printer's are generated straight from the system.
You can input new drawings at any time using the PlusParts back office. This means that,in future, you yourself can carry out regular updates for your company. Ongoing price and customer data updates are also done in the back office. This ensures that your company's on-line spare parts system is always up to date.
It is our aim to get you to update your spare parts application on your own. This is why we will provide your staff with training so that they are able to use the back office and accompanying software. The course will only take a day and can be conducted either at your company or at our office. The right time to conduct the training course depends on the project in question and this can be arranged in accordance with your time schedule.