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PlusParts 2.0 excels with a completely updated back office

The latest version of PlusParts (version 2.0), an intelligent online spare part ordering system, now features a completely updated back office. The extensive array of new statistics functions and newly developed authorisation and role system offers customers a more secure system that’s easier to use in daily work.

Meaningful statistics in the back office.
Which are my best customers? Which articles sell the most? What was my sales turnover for business conducted online last year? The statistics introduced in version 2.0 will help answer these and similar questions. You can break down your sales and website visitor development in terms of years, months and weeks and display this information using graphics. Of course, the statistics function is entirely role based, just like all other functions of the back office. This means that users can only see figures for which they have been granted authorisation.

Extensive authorisation and role system
In version 2.0, the authorisation and role system upon which PlusParts’ back office is based has been completely reorganised. You can now freely create groups and assign any function available in the back office to any of these groups. These authorisations will always apply to the language and country administrators as well. The administrative cost per user is thus kept to a bare minimum since only a few global groups are needed to cover all the roles. This makes PlusParts perfectly suited for multinational and multilingual use.

Back office now available with six pre-defined standard roles
In PlusParts, you can now define groups yourself and freely assign authorisations. You will be supplied complete with the pre-defined groups for the most frequently occurring tasks/roles. These comprise country administrators, translators, diagram editors and product administrators.

" To do" lists for translators, diagram editors and product administrators.
With PlusParts you can make sure that your on-line spare parts system is always up to date. Changes to the system are updated in real time. This means that daily work routines have to be tightened; changes in one language have to appear in the other languages as promptly as possible, etc. In order to do this, PlusParts now provides specific "to do" lists for standard roles such as translators, diagram editors and product administrators so that they immediately see which what needs to be updated. An email notification function for this purpose is also available.

For people who easily forget: back office now has a secure Password Change function
If like many others, you often forget your password, PlusParts now offers the possibility of sending a link to reset your password to the email address saved to your user profile. This ensures that only the owner of the email address can reset it and by calling up the website, an appropriate action is carried out. This function offers maximum security against "practical jokers" and also makes everything very easy to use. Passwords in PlusParts are stored encoded and cannot be read through direct access to the database.

General information about our product
The Munich-based Internet services provider Bokowsky + Laymann proposes their powerful online spare parts identification and ordering system known as PlusParts. PlusParts helps companies organise the entire spare parts sales process efficiently and cost effectively via the Internet. Users identify the spare parts they need on exploded-view diagrams and order the part simply by clicking on the mouse key.

Bokowsky + Laymann
Since 1996, Bokowsky + Laymann GmbH, a company based in Munich, has been designing and producing superior websites and e-commerce applications for various organisations and companies. In recent years, the business has concentrated on helping companies to systematically transfer their business processes to the Internet.

Further information including a trial version of the application can be found on the internet at

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