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Bokowsky + Laymann introduces online spare parts system:
Find and order spare parts by the click of your mouse

PlusParts - the intelligent online spare parts application

The Munich-based internet company, Bokowsky + Laymann, has developed "PlusParts", a powerful online spare parts identification and ordering application.

PlusParts lets companies organise the sale of their entire range of spare parts efficiently and cost-effectively via the internet. Ordering a part becomes child's play since the system allows the user to easily identify and order the required spare part with the help of exploded view diagrams.

This system offers an easy-to-use search and classification function. Even if you do not know the exact article number and product description, you are still able to clearly identify the device for repair.

On the exploded view diagram you select, a Java Applet lets you infinitely vary the zoom factor (!), thereby enabling you to enlarge the view of any spare part. This makes it easy to clearly determine the exact part you are looking for thereby making it simple to use, even for people who are not technically-minded.

Clicking on the required part transfers it to the shopping basket from where it can be ordered immediately via an integrated order management system.

Easy to maintain yourself
An extensive back office allows companies to maintain their online spare parts system themselves, thereby keeping it up-to-date at all times.

Implement internationally
PlusParts is designed in such a way that the user interface can be created in any number of languages and for any number of countries. This means that the spare parts division of any company can be organised and maintained centrally from any country.

Any number of extensions possible
In order to provide service representatives with more than just a simplified spare parts ordering process, PlusParts has a number of interesting additional functions. On the one hand, it can facilitate warranty processing in co-ordination with the manufacturer and, on the other hand, the integrated quotation tool quickly generates a representative quote based on parts ordered. This quotation can either be printed out for the customer to take home or sent out by e-mail.

Various uses
PlusParts with its flexible structure can be used wherever spare parts information and exploded-view diagrams need to be retrieved online. Whether you are looking for a spare parts ordering system in an Extranet or a spare parts supply store for end consumers, PlusParts represents the ideal e-commerce solution for the customer service sector.

Bokowsky + Laymann GmbH which is based in Munich, Germany, has been designing and creating high quality websites and e-business applications for many different organisations and corporations since 1996. In recent years, the main focus has been on transferring business processes to the internet.

Further information including a trial version of the application can be found on the internet at

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